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Discover Your Talents: Simple Steps To Discovering Your Hidden Strengths

One of the best path to a successful life is to discover your talents, develop it, and then deploy it. But before you can deploy your talent and serve others with it, you have to know that talent matters, believe that you are talented, be curious to know what talents you have, be disciplined enough to develop them, and be wise enough to use it to improve the lives of others and your own life.
I know it takes more than talent to be successful , but talent is still important.

1. Be aware that talent matters

If you want to be successful in life, you have to discover your talents. To discover your talents, you have to understand that talent matters. You have to be fully aware of the fact that there are things you are naturally good at and can do very well and there are other things you cannot do at all no matter how many times you try.

You can’t build performance on weaknesses, let alone something you can’t do at all — Peter Drucker

Success is not only about making a lot of money. Yes! Money matters, but you do not want to be rich and miserable. You want to be rich and happy and that can only happen when you are doing something that comes to you naturally.

2. Believe that you are talented

It is not enough to be aware that talent matters, you also have to believe that you are naturally gifted and talented. Since your belief drives your behavior, if you don’t believe that you are talented, you will not be eager to discover your talents.
There is a reason why your fingerprints are unique to you among the 7.5 billion people in the world today. Find it out!
Rarity is what determines value. You are very valuable because you are very rare. You are one of a kind and the world only have one version of you. If you can believe that, you have taken another step on the path to a successful life.

3. Be curious to discover your talents

Everyone knows that curiosity killed the cat, but if you want to live while you are alive, you have to be curious to know what talents you possess. You have become a treasure hunter, eagerly looking for your hidden strengths.

There’s a reason why your fingerprints are unique to you. Find it! — Saji Ijiyemi

Speaker and Educator, Sir Ken Robinson, said “Human resources are like the earth’s natural resources: they’re often buried beneath the surface and you have to make an effort to discover them.”

You have to be nosy about your own life and ask yourself some important questions:

? What am I enthusiastic about doing

? What do I enjoy doing

? What irritates me

? Where am I most productive

? What do I do well